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Our story is simple

It's about change: Change that has a direct and lasting impact in our community, change that inspires others to press on toward a better tomorrow for youth and families, and change that develops leaders who care and positive role models to emulate. Since 1988, we have partnered with community members, agencies, neighborhoods, businesses and schools to create positive change.


Connect people to enhance quality of life

Connecting agencies, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, and individuals to coordinate activities, services, and programs that enhance the quality of life for children and families in Lincoln County.


Tobacco Free Lincoln County

Our mission is to protect and improve the health of the public by increasing community support and participation in local tobacco control in our schools and in our community.

Mentoring Programs

Everyone hopes for a chance in life to do something that truly impacts the world. That's what mentoring is all about, changing children's lives by providing guidance, support and positive relationships.


A student led high school program, helps build leaders who take pride and ownership in their community. The mission of Crew is to help teens help teens provide positive safe activities and community service. With an emphasis on leadership, students are breaking the stereotypical perceptions of today's teenager.

Substance Abuse Prevention

The main purpose of the Substance Abuse Prevention System is prevention! Partnering for positive change is what drives our coalition, and each day our team is working to make the Lincoln County Community a better place to live and to raise a family.

Asset Teams

Support, empowerment, and positive values help youth overcome the pressures of high-risk activities. Using the 40 developmental assets, today's youth are learning to create change by investing in their community. Asset Teams is a powerful and rewarding program for all young people.


The goal of theLINC is to give youth a safe Facebook page they can “own” and be able to count on for fun and constructive ideas. For the latest alcohol, drug and tobacco-free youth-friendly events in Lincoln County, please go to and click the "Like" button.

Community Connections

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